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My wigs! I got my new teal one today! The others I have slowly collected on sale here and there. The black one is the only one I have actually taken the time to wash and fix up. Wigs always need some loving after you take them out of the bag. I figured since I had my hair in pincurls to try on the teal one I would just take pictures of them all. 

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Posted on October 23rd at 9:47 PM
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  2. feigenbaumsworld said: WOW! I love them! I really love the cut of the black one. And is the last one your real hair because gorgeous! Alright, I’m done gushing. You’re stunning. Okay, now I’m done.
  3. cinderlily said: Jesus gah, woman. With the. And the. … You pretty. <3
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    My wife is pretty.
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